Beware: Android Super Mario Run is Actually Malware; Don’t Download It


We do know that android users are in abundance all over the world and Super Mario is a game that is popular across borders.But it is released for iOS devices only not for Android devices. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that when users found out that the game’s android version is now available, they were quick to download it. It is available on third party app stores, it actually contains malware(virus) . There isn’t just one but various such apps floating across unreliable app stores. One of the apps is named Super Mario; it takes full control of the device after asking for edit, read and receive/send text messages privileges and can capture images and videos along with using the phone’s GPS. So you are tracked also by this malware. And this information is all sent to hackers that built this malware.

This news is given by Trend Micro, an IT security firm that has its antivirus in market. Its security team discovered that this maria malware is used 90000 times in 2016. Here is given the percentage of people that downloaded this game:


It asks users to install an update of 9Apps, which in turn asks about additional rights to given. If user clicks on any ads shown in app then he/she is redirected to malicious/adult website. So guys just think twice before downloading any app from third party store.

This is not first time done with games see this also: Another Bad Game.



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